Ethical Flower Suppliers

We have had a request for a designer who is skilled in any content management system such as Joomla, WordPress, ModX or similar. The idea of the website is to provide a flower delivery service using ethically sourced flowers. The company is quite keen on supplying the flowers packaged in a greetings card, similar to the business model used by Flower Card of Guernsey. The specification of the site would not be as complex as the Flowercard model, as they do intend to have such a large range of cards and/or flowers. Initially they are looking at:

  • 2 styles of card which will be handwritten and packaged by hand
  • Delivery only to the US and Canada

The rough requirements of the site are:

  • An ecommerce site with 10 different items which will require the ability to add customization messages to each order
  • The ability to be able to build a mailing list (for example by using MailChimp)
  • Payment processing by credit cards and PayPal
  • The ability to easily add extra content for news, special offers etc.

There is a reasonable budget available for the project, but the goal overall is to provide funds for the people in Kenya, Africa involved in the flower production process. Although the charitable angle of the business is going to be one of the selling points of this service, the business will be a real charity and will hopefully provide much needed help for the workers in Kenya.

If any designers are willing to work on this project for the equivalent of the minimum wage in their country, please get in touch as soon as possible. The possibility of a fact finding mission in Kenya is a genuine possibility.