Open Up New Revenue Streams Using Offline Marketing Methods

One of the best things about going on the net for a business start up is the costs are exponentially smaller. If you’re going on vacation, then that is not a problem since all you need is a computer and internet connection. Sure, the web is huge, but there are tons of people who are not on it as much as others and that means opportunities. Most individual marketers on the web will never do this, and of course that is their choice – but they are surely missing out. So with that, check out how you can go offline and make a difference. We have been talking recently to a company, based in The French Alps –  SerreChevalier.ORG –  who had began their business almost entirely offline and are now working their way into making it more of an online lead generation business for ski tourism. The main reason for this is not the cost of advertising offline, but the price of funding a call center to fullfil the orders. It’s interesting the way their business is going, they are advertising in major publications in the resort such as the AltiMag and Altitude magazines.

Quite a few people have actually gotten results by using old fashioned approaches like fliers. There are still places to hang fliers around towns and cities, so just do some testing with it and see what the results are. Print up some page-sized fliers and post them on the free bulletin boards in your local area. Try to make them eye catching and the copy good because that is what will get the job done for you in the fastest and most effective amount of time.

See about being a sponsor for anything that is important to you, or not, and this works because so many businesses to this. There are many ways you can get the media to notice you, plus you can put news about it on your site. That’s when you can tell them that you run your own business. What you are really doing here is offline and relationship marketing, and together they can be very effective.

If you have the money for it, you can get items of all kinds and put your domain name on them and then give them away to people just about anywhere. Also do not forget about the power of business cards, and you can distribute them at all the events you get involved with in your area. It is possible you will be in line somewhere and be talking to somebody who will want one. You can even find ebooks written about using simple marketing devices like the business card. Just remember that there is tremendous diversity with offline marketing. The tips and tricks we’ve talked about here are just a few of them. Always stay positive about this because the numbers of people who are not reached is immense.